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Manufacturing Engineering Graduate

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Are you looking for a creative, motivated, and hard working manufacturing engineering graduate? Hello, my name is Tim Williams, I am a recent graduate from Washington State University, and I excited to find a company that can utilize my skills. You can look at my engineering resume by selecting the resume link on the left.

I graduated this last May; with a Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering and a Minor in Mechanical Engineering. Washington State University has a very up to date campus where the latest technology is integrated into the engineering experience. The program has trained me to plan and design manufacturing processes; maximize efficiency by analysis and layout of equipment, workflow, assembly methods, and work force utilization. To aid in the design process in order to maximize output. A manufacturing engineer is much like a mechanical engineer except instead of designing a product they design the process and machinery that will manufacture the project.

Through my training, I have become a very flexible engineer where I have designed and built products and designed the process of how it would be manufactured.  I have participated in some very intense projects.  A few of my highlighted projects are automation a glaciology experiment through a PC, which was controlled by Visual Basic.  Another was designing a robot and developing software through C in order to control it.  The plant facilities asked us to design an apparatus that would allow them to clean their lawn tractors and a team of four, including myself, designed a ramp so that they could access the underside of their heavier mowers.

I have been studying computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and I am very interested in this area. I would love to learn more about robotics and factory automation.

Manufacturing Engineering Graduate



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Tim Williams Engineering Resume